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stingray city bahamas rcl ncl best excursions bahamasYour Stingray City Bahamas Snorkel Adventure will be the highlight of your vacation, and an experience that will live with you forever. Our Southern Rays are without a doubt The “Brightest” Rays in the Caribbean!    Come and enjoy our friendly and gentle Rays….. Feed Them, Pet them and enjoy the wonders of nature with the unique Stingray City Bahamas experience.    The Southern Ray is known as the puppy dog of the sea, always looking for attention and a snack. The Rays “sting” is a boney spine in the tail that CAN NOT be used in an offensive manner.  It is strictly used as a defensive tool to protect itself from predators while sleeping or relaxing.  Our guides will brief you on how to handle the Rays and at no time will you be at any risk.   In fact quite the opposite, you will find yourself spellbound by their gracefulness and beauty, and you will find yourself among the thousands of people who return home wanting to come back.

What to Expect.   A short comfortable boat ride will whisk you to our Stingray City Park.   From the moment you step aboard you’ll be greeted by a warm welcome from a friendly crew who will assist you in any way possible to make your Stingray City Bahamas excursion the most exciting and fun tour of your vacation.  You’ll love the beautiful white shallow sand where you can stand up or swim with the Rays who will greet you with the familiarity of an old friend.   Your encounter includes feeding, snorkeling and taking lots of pictures with your new Stingray friends.   After, make sure to visit our Signup Booth to  purchase pictures of you swimming with the stingrays or other great keepsakes from our collection of great souvenirs.
Stingray Adventure Cruise Ship Excursion in the Bahamas